The project addresses the development and demonstration of innovative GNSS Safety in live rail application for the train control, speed supervision, traffic control and traffic management of low traffic lines (LTL). The application contributes to the adoption of EGNOS in rail primary safety and paves the way to the introduction of Galileo in the rail safety domain. Application is in a broad context since it introduces the GNSS train positioning and speed determination with SoL characteristics in all critical operations of a railway line. The project includes the development of new rail integrated operational concept, software, hardware, services and datasets compatible with the current evolution of the rail signalling and rail standards.

The application target is the low traffic lines (UIC E lines category) which represent large market ( 40% of the European network, and much more world-wide) in full complementarity and migration to the ETCS when GNSS is applied in a holistic approach.

The demonstration will enable the proof of concept for the train integrity with GNSS, which is an enabler to the ERTMS/ETCS Level 3 application. The ERTMS Regional (the UIC project with pilot line in Borlange – Sweden) will directly benefit of this development.

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